Resume Tips


Tips for Writing a Resume

Kickstart your resume with your name, making it prominent and easy to spot. Be sure to include your phone number and email. While a complete address is no longer mandatory, you can include your city and state if you wish. For an added professional touch, consider incorporating your LinkedIn profile URL, and remember to personalize it for that extra flair!

Crazy fonts and different font sizes can make your resume look busy and hard to read. It’s important to remember that many companies use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to store resumes and track their hiring. An ATS will scan your resume for keywords and put the best-matched resume for the job at the top of the list for the recruiter to review. Keeping a simple format and font will ensure recruiters and the ATS can read your resume.

Refrain from overloading your resume and keep your most recent relevant experience and skills. If you have 15 years of experience, your high school part-time job doesn’t need to be on there.

Make sure your resume can be easily and quickly read with bullet points. A recruiter does not want to spend the time to read an essay to find your achievements. List your achievements and use numbers and facts to show how you helped or made a difference at the company.

Enhance your resume by incorporating keywords and skills mentioned in the job description. This will highlight your alignment with the company’s desired qualifications and make your application stand out.

First, recruiters like to see you have and can do the minimum job requirements. College can teach us industry skills, but experience teaches us the soft skills that we improve over time, like communicating and multitasking.

List your experience in reverse chronological order; typically, your most recent experience can be your most relevant experience. Remember to include the years you were in the position, i.e., 2018-2019.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but is missed so often. Nothing is worse to put on your resume than you have attention to detail but then have a resume full of spelling and basic grammar mistakes.

Employers may have various application methods, such as emailing the recruiter or completing a form. It’s crucial to carefully follow their instructions. Some may ask for a cover letter, while others prefer a Word-formatted resume. Ensure you adhere to these guidelines to increase the chances of your application being successfully received.

After you submit your application, your resume may be reviewed by multiple individuals. To enhance organization and professionalism, rename your resume file to “yournameResume” instead of something like “resume(2).” This will make it more convenient for recruiters and hiring managers to identify your application.

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